Commercial “As and When” Treatments – Insects

As and When Treatments

If you are experiencing insects (cockroaches, fleas or bed bugs) in your premises or you want the peace of mind that your business is protected we are the ones to call

If you have a problem with pests that does not require a lengthy contract (at least 3 months in duration) you can call the Pest Control Team in for the security of a treatment for the activity for as long as is required.

When an unwanted insects get into your property we are able to remove them, we have many techniques and methods at our disposal and will use what is most appropriate given all circumstances.

In most instances when a small number of insects have got into your premises, the issue can be resolved within one or two visits. If the insects have not been treated and their numbers have risen it may take more than this to treat and a 3 Month Contract may be suggested as the best course of action.

All our As and When Treatments are charged on an hourly rate basis, which compare favourably to other commercial services.

If you are having pest issues and you need to call someone you can trust call the Council Pest Control Team on 0345 140 0845 for free chat and a no obligation quote