Autumn Change

As we are now beginning to enter into the Autumn months , insect life starts dying off and rodents begin to look for shelter. Now is the time, as garden furniture is put away for another year, that you should check the state of your garage/shed/outbuilding.

Ensure that the entrances to these building  are sound, with no gaps to the inside that rats and mice can access. Rodents will begin looking for shelter from the cold in the coming weeks/months and if you don’t use your outbuilding much through the winter, you may find damaged furnishings used for nesting material when you go to get the deckchairs out again.

The front and rear of sheds have a lovely gap underneath which rodents can use to find shelter under the base and you possibly may not even know they are there. It is worth considering securing these areas before the winter kicks in with chicken wire or similar suitable mesh material to avoid this happening.

If you find that you have rodents getting into or under your garage/shed or outbuildings call the team for a treatment 0345 140 0845