Eradicating mice from your premises

Mice invade homes in search of food and shelter. They are small rodents with a pointed snout, small rounded ears, a body-length scaly tail. The most frequent mouse species is the common house mouse and in some locations, field mice are common.

They are predominantly nocturnal and quick to breed so your mouse problem could develop rapidly even before you are aware of it.  If no action is taken, to remove activity, it is likely that the mice will also being to occupy neighbouring properties. They are able to use the space under your floorboards to travel from one house to another. They are inquisitive and agile with a flexible skeleton which enables them to get through the smallest of gaps.

Mice can easily squeeze through gaps left from pipework and cabling for washing machines and dryers etc and inhabit the rear of these and other kitchen appliances. Nests have been found next to the motors of fridge and freezers for extra warmth.

Mice can also get inside through damaged or missing air bricks and vents, in newer properties this can give them access to cavity walls which can lead to free run through out the house.

They are habitual ‘carriers of disease’ – Salmonella and Hantavirus are both caused by mice through their biology and habit. They may also carry fleas and ticks which can bring about other infections.  Mice are virtually incontinent and their urine smells strongly of ammonia which is a regular indication of an active infestation (before any animals are sighted).

Another problem associated with having mice inside your property is the damage that they cause, they will shred items such as tissues, newspapers, polythene bags and fabric for lining nests. They damage packaging whilst getting into food products, predominantly grains and cereals, however they will eat pretty much anything available to them in your store rooms or warehouse.

Of course humans and rodents have lived side by side for centuries despite our best efforts to eradicate them.

This is because of their adaptability and ability to profit from our excesses and to take advantage where ever possible.

Being rodents, they have powerful incisor’s that they need to keep ‘at a manageable length’ by regular gnawing.

This means they can cause a lot of damage, and in certain circumstances, cause electrical failure or fires chewing through cables.

Access into properties is usually through a defect which will require repair, however the condition of the outside of you premises will either encourage or discourage rodents into the vicinity.

Carefully consider what you want to store close to your premises, and ask yourself these questions.

  1. Will it attract either rats or mice?
  2. Does it contain a food source?
  3. Will it create a safe environment or shelter for them once they locate it?

What to do now

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What if I regularly get Mice in my property?

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