Eradicating Fleas from your premises

Fleas can be brought into your premises through many routes.

Either customers or employees with pets or on the animals themselves.

Fleas do not represent a health risk themselves or their bites.

However they will disrupt your business – productivity will be reduced as staff are bitten and customers will be ‘discouraged’ from staying to buy goods or services.

  95% of the flea population will live as either eggs, larvae or pupae around the host’s (pet) bedding or where it spends most time.

This will usually not be an issue in the workplace without having a “bring your pet to work day”!

However there is more opportunity to have customers or employees bringing adult fleas with them in or on clothing.

Be aware of complaints from staff about biting round ankles or feet. In severe cases this can be very painful, although relatively easy to identify.

Especially visible without long trousers and socks!

Listen to your employees complaints and call the team to investigate!




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