Other Insects

If you experience an infestation of insects and are unsure as to what they are then  call the Pest Control Team for an assessment visit

One of our experienced, fully trained Pest Control Officers will come to your property and carry out a full and thorough survey to determine what the insects are.

If the insects you have a problem with are ones we treat – Fleas, Bed bugs or Cockroaches we will treat them for you. The cost of the Assessment Visit is deducted from the cost of treatment.

Current Charges

However  it may not be possible to treat your property at this time if preparation of the room is required to ensure the treatment is successful. The Officer will give you full information and guidance about what you can do to increase the efficiency of the treatment.

What if the insects are not ones we treat?

If the insect is not in the above list the Officer will tell you what they are and where they might have come from.

He will give you advice and guidance about what you can do to get rid of them yourself, and how to stop them coming back.