Hints And Tips

As we enter into warmer weather and  our pets are venturing outdoors more, it is advisable to comb and check your pet regularly to ensure they are not bringing any unwanted visitors home with them.

The sooner you discover fleas on your animal the quicker you can eradicate the infestation, therefore causing as little distress to both you and your pet.

If you do discover fleas, take your animal to the vet who will administer an appropriate treatment and contact the Pest Control who will treat your property accordingly.

Treating one without the other is futile and can result in great expense.

During hot summer nights people like nothing more than cooking and eating from a BBQ.

Just remember this Al Fresco Dining experience can bring added interest from unwanted pests to your premises. The remnants of the packaging and left over burgers, sausages, chicken or kebabs is also attractive to rats, cats, foxes and seagulls.

Make sure you dispose of your waste appropriately and minimise the risk of inviting other animals round for a BBQ.